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vi-nature everywhere - lightning talk

vi-nature, the ‘language’ of vim. It’s the reason that vim works so well for me. However, it does take some learning, and even after many months of use, I’d say I’ve only just scratched the surface.

So if we’re investing so much time and energy in learning this language, then why not apply it to more tasks than just editing files?

In this five minute lighting talk I gave at Vim London this week, I delved into some of the benefits and issues with using vi-nature for more than just editing.

The feedback after the talk was great - here are my take-aways:

  • Check out uzbl - it provides an interface layer that can be programmed to different keybindings. Thanks Nestor.
  • Check out Awesome Window Manager because it’s completely operational without mouse. Thanks Nestor.
  • Write a blog post about ‘vi-nature’ because there’s not much about it on the web - Yes I will do this, thanks for the suggestion Max.
  • Check out Mac OSX’s slate because it creates a programmable keyboard interface for window management. Thanks David.

Lots to follow up on and hopefully some ways to take vi-nature to more places.

Thanks for reading!

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