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Hello, my name is James

Thanks for visiting my site - the content here is primarily technical.

James Cooke at a whiteboard


Python is my programming language of choice. I’ve worked with other programming languages, but Python has been my favourite for about the last eight years.

I love Linux. I’ve used other operating systems, but for the last 20 years I’ve been using one or another Linux distribution at home and work.


At work, I usually focus on server-side development, so day to day I’m predominantly developing code that creates, validates and manages data, usually serving it to a web or mobile app.

For more information you can download a PDF version of my CV.


This site does not run a commenting system, but feedback and conversation are very welcome:

  • Drop me an email on hi AT jamescooke DOT info.

    Note: No recruitment agency emails please.

  • Raise an Issue on GitHub and I’ll reply as soon as I can. Issues that are comments have their own “blog comment” label for easy access.

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