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Cleaner unit testing with the Arrange Act Assert pattern

My PyConUK 2016 talk about the AAA pattern for unit tests and how using it can help us all make our tests cleaner, easier to read and as Pythonic as possible.

Irregular Vim

At July’s Vim London I gave a talk about some of Vim’s irregular behaviours. Using bare-bones Vim to present and demonstrate from is a risky business!

Things I wish I’d known about Django

Django has been my go-to web framework for about three years. But I wish I’d started with it sooner. This became a talk which I gave at the London Django meetup in July this year.

Seinfeld method and coding

A presentation I made at ustwo’s Tech Thursday about Seinfeld Technique and how it can help coders to get their personal projects moving.

vi-nature everywhere - lightning talk

This week I presented at Vim-London about vi nature and the benefits for using it in more than vim.