James CookeJames Cooke

Django-mailchimp compatability with v1.3 API

For a Fublo project with Neuxpower, we had to communicate with Mailchimp via their API. On Django one of the best libraries for this is django-mailchimp.

However, in its previous state django-mailchimp wasn’t able to specify a send_welcome parameter which lets Mailchimp know whether it should send out a list welcome message when a new user subscribes. For the project, we were managing the signup explicitly with Neuxpower’s code, so no welcome message was required and the default for Mailchimp was True for sending meaning that Neuxpower’s new customers would get hit with a double welcome message… Not desirable.

This small change is now merged in with the library, which has rolled up to a ‘v1.3’ status as there is no backward compatibility.

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