James CookeJames Cooke

Fublo Ltd

… previously a digital agency

Hi. You’re looking at this page because you’ve followed a link to a page on fublo.net - this was previously the website of Fublo Ltd, a small digital agency in London that closed in August 2012.

Previous work

My name is James, and I was previously an owner and a director of Fublo.

Soon” I’ll write up the work that Mark, Oliver and I did for clients like Fallon London, Time Out and We Are Social.

Now we’re each pursuing different careers working on various sites, but still all based in London.

Current work

Currently I’m working as a Python contractor, mainly on web projects. You can find my online work profile on Stack Overflow Careers.


If you have any questions or need information about Fublo, or you’d like to discuss contract work, you can reach me via email on hi AT jamescooke DOT info.

Thanks for stopping by.