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Coding Cooke

All my contracting work goes through Coding Cooke Ltd. Founded in 2013, it’s the third company I’ve been Director of.

James Cooke working on Amazon Redshift warehouse designs while at Scoota.

Web development

My core work focus is on server-side development, so day to day I’m predominantly developing code that creates, validates and manages data, usually serving it to a web or mobile app.

Currently my preferred tools are Linux, Python, vim, Bic Medium black ballpoint pens, notebooks and whiteboards.

During my time in the web development field, I’ve held a number of different roles, from specification and design, to implementation, management and testing. A full breakdown is available on my CV.

Coding Cooke is part of a Brighton-based tribe of creative micro-businesses called Studio Awkward.


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    You can contact me about any potential projects by emailing me on hi AT jamescooke DOT info.

    Note: No recruitment agency emails please.

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